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Don't forget - FIRST book into the On Demand class you wish to take via the Schedule tab
THEN come back here to Content Library to view the class you've selected.

For a  better experience we recommend you use your LAPTOP (rather than a mobile phone) to access the Mandala Content Library.


Mandala Content Descriptions:

  1. Daily Yoga Fix :  recording of the morning's 'livestream'  50-55 minute yoga flow class
    These recordings expire at midnight. Now includes a short summary so you can see if the class is right for you.

  2. Yoga 30 Min Express - short on time? Jump on the mat and flow.
    Mon | Wed | Fri.  Expires midnight.

  3. Yoga Pick ' n Mix : alternative 50-55 min yoga flow classes we've picked from the Mandala Content Library.  Pick 'n Mix classes are featured for 48 Hours. 
    (Really like a class, remember you can also take it again in the Content Library. Whenever you want.)

  4.  Yin Yoga - 3 times per week. 
       48 Hour expiry

  5. Other ON DEMAND options include
  • Pilates - new class uploaded every Saturday 4
  • Animal Flow  - new class uploaded every Sun
  • Meditation - new class uploaded every Sun

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Class Expiry varies so please take note before you book

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* What is Mandala On Demand?
* How can I access Mandala On Demand?
* How does it work with my pass?
* How to make for the best experience?

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