Mandala Yoga Dublin

Dynamic Yoga Flow
with Susan Ni D

June 11 (Tuesday)
at 18:30

Class length
60 minutes

Class location
IN STUDIO Class - Haddington Road

Yoga flow is a movement-centred yoga style where the movements and poses are connected to each other in a flowing manner. The key focus is on linking breath and movement in a way that boosts circulation, builds heat but also calms and centres the mind. 

Our dynamic yoga flow class invites an exploration of yoga and the body, mind, and spirit by broadening your exposure to a variety of yoga poses and their variations. This class focuses on building strength, stamina, and flexibility in the physical body. 

It’s most suitable for students who have some yoga experience, if you enjoy a stronger physical practice or have good body awareness. 

 Beginners are of course also welcome to join and will be encouraged to pace themselves and focus on mastering the basic poses before moving onto the more complex poses. Expect to breathe, move, flow. You will feel challenged at times but always in a supportive and fun way. Options are given for all levels of practitioners. You'll leave your mat calmer, more relaxed and tension-free.

NOTE: If you're looking for something a little slower or are newer to the practice try out the Align & Flow  class. If you're looking to start yoga and learn from scratch we recommend our Yoga for Beginners 6 class course to learn the foundations.


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