Mandala Yoga Dublin

🐾 🦍 ANIMAL FLOW - Monthly Flow
with Marcin


May 28 (Sunday)
at 14:00

Class length
120 minutes

Class location
IN STUDIO Class - Haddington Road

Animal Flow* is a fun and challenging body-weight training discipline that builds strength and mobility. Staying mostly low to the ground, on your hands and feet, you move your body through all the planes of motion. It's fast, fun and fierce!

Once a month we're collaborating with Animal Flow Ireland to bring you an Introductory Class where you can join their amazing instructors (Joanna Butler, Kaman Ryan and Marcin of Marcin's Monkey fame) to learn new movement patterns. Prepare to connect to your primal roots!  

This Flow is open to beginners and is free to attend. 

After building a flow you'll have renewed admiration for all our four-footed Animal Kingdom friends! 

Benefits of Animal Flow are 
  • Increased joint mobility and enhanced fast-twitch muscle power 
  • Improved neuro-muscular connection.  
  • Did we mention build core stability?
You'll get introduced to
  • The basic foundational starting positions: APE, BEAST & CRAB
  • Activations / Switches / Transitions 
  • And build it all into a fun flow.

NOTE: Animal Flow is for everyone BUT if you happen to be working through a wrist injury, Animal Flow is not recommended as we spend lots of time on our hands.

* Animal Flow was created by Mike Fitch on his personal journey into a variety of bodyweight disciplines. Check out Animal Flow to be inspired.


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