Mandala Yoga

📺 ON DEMAND 🌸 Yoga Pick 'n Mix ~ 48 Hour Expiry
with Mandala Content Library

May 20 (Thursday)
at 23:55

Class length
55 minutes

Type of class

Yoga  Pick 'n Mix 🌸 
gives you access to a yoga flow class we've selected for you from the Mandala Content Library.

Class is available for viewing in Mandala On Demand 📺 for 48 HOURS  you book in.

AFTER booking into class remember to RETURN to the CONTENT LIBRARY where the class will now be visible to view on Mandala on Demand.

Yoga Pick 'n Mix Classes are between 50-60 minutes long.

  • NOTE: If you have a class pack (i.e. not an unlimited pass) your pass gets marked when you book in for class - even if you cancel the reservation after.

  • We recommend you do NOT register for class unless you are about to take class. Contact us if you book in by mistake.  [email protected]

Notice anything amiss with a recording? 
Please let us know by email so we can improve the online offering
 [email protected]


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